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What Is the Effect of Air Humidity on Sports Field?

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Humid air is harmful to the human body at any temperature. Studies have shown that when the temperature is too high, the concentration of thyroxine and epinephrine in the body will be relatively reduced, and people will be listless and depressed. Working in places with high humidity and without using commercial dehumidifiers for a long time is also make people have wet paralysis easily. If the humidity is too small, the evaporation will be accelerated, and the dry air will easily take away the body's water, which will dry the skin and stimulate the nasal mucosa. Therefore, when dry and cold air invades in autumn and winter, it is easy to induce respiratory diseases. In addition, if the air humidity is too large or too small, it is conducive to the propagation of some bacteria and viruses.

Lgr Dehumidifier for Indoor Sports Field

Relative humidity standard suitable for human body

Relative humidity usually acts on the human body together with air temperature and air pressure. Modern medical meteorological studies have shown that the relative humidity for humans is 40% -50% in summer and 60% -70% in winter. To have a suitable living environment, we can use the best dehumidifier. In summer, due to the effects of high temperature, low pressure, and high humidity, human sweat is not easily discharged, and it is also not easy to evaporate after sweating, which can make people irritated, tired and lack of appetite. In winter, the humidity is sometimes too low, and the air is too dry, which can easily cause infection of the upper respiratory tract mucosa and catch a cold. According to scientific experiments, the incidence of arthritis will increase significantly when the inter-day temperature change is greater than 3 ° C, the inter-day pressure change is greater than 10 hPa, and the inter-day relative humidity change is greater than 10%. Therefore, home dehumidifiers are essential necessities to help regulate humidity.

At the sports field, it is also to take measures to control it indoor humidity levels. If the indoor RH level is above 60%, it is adverse to normally sweat. Sweating can help the body detoxify. The human body produces a large amount of metabolic substances every day, and various toxins are also produced accordingly. If toxins cannot be eliminated in a timely manner, they can cause diseases. Preair suggestes to use energy efficient dehumidifiers at the indoor games hall.

Influence of air humidity on human body temperature

The high temperature index of human lethality is also closely related to air humidity. When the temperature and humidity reach a certain limit, the body's heat cannot be dissipated, the body temperature will rise, so beyond the body's heat resistance limit, the person will die. Therefore, China sets the standard for severe weather as the maximum temperature south of the Yangtze River is higher than 38 ℃, or the maximum temperature is 35 ℃, and the relative humidity is higher than 61%. And the maximum temperature in the north of the Yangtze River reaches 35 ℃, or the maximum temperature reaches 30 ℃, and the relative humidity is higher than 64%.

Effect of air humidity on sports

In summer, when the humidity increases and the water vapor tends to be saturated without rotomolding dehumidifiers, it will inhibit the body's heat dissipation function, making people feel very hot and irritable. In winter, when the humidity increases, the heat conduction will be accelerated about 20 times, making people feel more cold and depressed. In patients with arthritis, due to the damage of the joint synovium and surrounding tissues in the affected area, the ability to resist external stimuli is weakened, and it is unable to adapt to the intense cooling, which aggravates the condition or intensifies the pain. If the humidity is too low, due to the large loss of moisture in the upper respiratory tract mucosa, people have dry mouth, even sore throat, hoarse voice and nose bleeding. The research also shows that when the relative humidity is above 90%, the same temperature environment will make people feel hotter. The dry air can absorb sweat of the human body, making us feel cool. However, because the air with high humidity is already full of water, it is unable to absorb water again, so sweat has to accumulate on our skin, causing our body temperature to rise continuously, and at the same time put a huge load on the heart.


As you see, we need to exercise in a suitable air humidity environment, which is good for our health. Otherwise, air humidity will bring us some diseases.



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