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Seven Misunderstandings to Be Noticed When Using Dehumidifiers

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1.Use the newly purchased commercial dehumidifier immediately

It is best not to use the newly purchased commercial dehumidifier immediately. You need to leave it for 4 ~ 6 hours before turning it on. The bumps in the handling and transportation of workers will shift the refrigerant in the compressor. If the compressor is turned on immediately, the compressor will not work properly, or the machine can run, but the dehumidification efficiency will be poor, and the noise will be very loud.

2.Place the commercial dehumidifier in the incorrect position

It is best to place in the air circulation, under normal circumstances, the commercial portable dehumidifier should be placed in the middle of the house, there should be enough space around, do not stack items. Do not blow people directly at the air outlet. It is not suitable for good health and easy to cause a cold.

Put the Pr50 Dehumidifier at the Right Place

3. No need to close the window when using

Before the dehumidifier starts to work, close the doors and windows of the room, and try to form a relatively closed space, which can effectively reduce the entry of outdoor humid air, just like in It is a truth to turn off the doors and windows when turning on the air conditioner in summer. When using it, people should not leave the entrance hall frequently, reduce the opening and closing times of the door, and avoid the outdoor humid air from entering the room. It is just like not opening the refrigerator door frequently. These are easy to understand.


4. Place the commercial dehumidifier next to the heater

Do not place the commercial industrial dehumidifier next to the heat source machine, the dehumidifier is easily deformed by the expansion caused by heat. The dehumidifier must also dissipate heat through the surface of the cabinet. If it is very hot next to it, it will not dissipate. This will affect the dehumidification effect, increase the electricity cost, and may also affect the life of the dehumidifier.

5. The commercial dehumidifier is not afraid of cold

The normal use temperature of the dehumidifier is between 20 ℃ and 38 ℃. If it is used outside the normal temperature, the dehumidification effect will be affected. When used below 18 ℃, the dehumidifier will freeze, and the dehumidification capacity will decrease after frost or freeze, and continued use will affect the service life of the dehumidifier.


6. The dehumidifier requires no maintenance

We should clean the air duct (air inlet and air outlet) or filter of the commercial dehumidifier regularly. If you use the dehumidifier for a long time, the air inlet will be easily blocked, which will cause the air intake to be uneven. If the air inlet of the dehumidifier is not clean, it will directly affect the dehumidification effect.  So clean the air duct filter of the machine regularly.


7. Not pay attention to the power supply of the dehumidifier

Before use, make sure that the power supply voltage is 220V, 50Hz. Use special sockets as much as possible. It is strictly forbidden to use porous sockets to ensure that the sockets are grounded. It is strictly forbidden to fold excess power cords abnormally. When plugging in, clean the power plug. When cleaning the commercial dehumidifier, turn off the power first.


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