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Introduction of Explosion-proof Dehumidifier

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Explosion-proof dehumidifier is a type of explosion-proof electrical appliances. They are mainly used for dehumidifying and drying air in flammable and explosive environments such as petroleum, chemical, military, oil depots, and offshore oil platforms. During dehumidification, it is necessary to prevent the possibility of flammable gases, dust, liquid and mixed gas explode. There are many types of dehumidifiers. The dehumidifiers used in daily life are cabinet type, vertical type, etc. Explosion-proof dehumidifier is an explosion-proof dehumidifier specially developed for special industries. It is mainly used to dehumidify air in flammable and explosive environments such as military industry, petroleum, chemical industry, medicine etc.


Dehumidifier can be divided into commercial dehumidifier and industrial dehumidifier and industrial dehumidifier fall into two categories, industrial cool dehumidifier and industrial warm dehumidifier. Besides, you can choose different kind of dehumidifiers according to different occasions. If you want to breathe fresh air at office, there is industrial humidifier for office for you and if you work in the basement, there is industrial humidifier for basement for you. If you are in constant movement, you can choose a commercial portable dehumidifier and better, a mini portable dehumidifier.



The products must be tested according to the following items and meet the technical requirements:

1. According to the test strip, each test is not less than 1 minute;


2. In the state of maximum refrigeration and dehumidification, when the dehumidifier is stable, perform temperature test according to 5.2 and convert it to the temperature at the maximum use temperature of 43 ℃;


3. Check the electrical performance (such as current, voltage, etc., must meet the requirements)



Portable Dehumidifier

The explosion-proof dehumidifier can work normally under the following environmental conditions:

1. The altitude does not exceed 2000m;


2. Ambient temperature: low-temperature dehumidifier is + 5 ℃ ~ + 32 ℃, ordinary dehumidifier is + 18 ℃ ~ + 32 ℃;


3. The relative humidity of the surrounding environment is no more than 90%;


4. Class IIA, IIB, T1 ~ T4 group of flammable gas, steam and air mixed to form an explosion hazard.


Small Commercial Dehumidifier


The produce requirement of the explosion-proof dehumidifier is higher than other ordinary dehumidifier. Produced in strict accordance with national standards for explosion-proof electrical, and the protection grade of explosion-proof components reaches above IP54. Choose high-quality materials, have good mechanical strength to withstand strong explosion pressure without transmitting explosion. The main standard parts have undergone anti-corrosion treatment, and the anti-corrosion ability is superior. 


Place electrical appliances in a ventilated location as much as possible. Electrical appliances with standby status, such as color TVs, should be powered on as much as possible. The internal parts will radiate heat, disperse moisture in the machine, and prevent internal components damage. In addition, residents who live in low-level rooms with high humidity should consider purchasing a dehumidifier to improve the air humidity. If the appliance is found to be abnormal, turn off the power immediately and ask a professional to repair it in time. In such terrible weather condition, the public can put some hygroscopic substances indoors, and can also use the dehumidifier or turn on the air conditioner. Once the weather is fine, be sure to pay more attention to drying the bedding and pillows at home to keep them cool. Choose a dehumidifier according to the living situation and the dehumidification capacity of the dehumidifier, that is, according to the area, floor height, humidity, air circulation level of the dehumidification we require. The applicable area and the amount of dehumidification determine the choice of dehumidifier. Choose according to the practical applicability of the space. Whether the dehumidifier should be fixed or easy to move is decided by the different requirements for air humidity in different areas. In some humid places, a fixed dehumidifier can be installed, which saves space. 


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