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How to Prevent Humidity During Decoration?

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In the decoration, many people will inevitably encounter the house moisture-proof problem. Especially in the plum rain season, if the moisture-proof is not done well, the indoor "sweating", moldy wall covering and its falling off the wall, etc., will make people very uncomfortable.

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1. Waterproof ≠ Dampproof

Waterproof refers to the prevention of water penetration into the room, the prevention of liquid water. Moistureproof refers to the moisture in the air or the moisture in the ground, which is often referred to as dehumidification. Waterproof is in the front, and moisture-proof is in the back. If the waterproof is not good, the significance of moisture-proof  is not great.


2. How to Prevent Liquid Water?

(1) Internal Defense

When entering the site for decoration, all the walls and floors in the room must be made waterproof once again.


(2) External Defense

Outer wall waterproof should be done well in advance by developers. The owner must check whether the wall leaks or not when the owner receives the house, especially in the rainy and snowy season. If any leakage is found, the owner must inform the property management company to find the developer to deal with it.


(3) Isolation Treatment

A new one-sided brick wall isolation shall be built on the wall with slotted wiring or keel installation for isolation, and a layer of concrete shall be poured on the ground to prevent the keel and wiring from damaging the waterproof layer during decoration.


3. How Should the House to be Decorated Be Moistureproof?

Not only in the purchase of decoration materials it is needed to focus on moisture-proof issues, but also in the decoration construction stage it can not be ignored.


(1) Make Wall Space

It is similar to ceiling. After wall waterproofing, increase wall thickness, then it will have better waterproof performance.


(2) Selection of Waterproof Materials

Try to select waterproof gypsum board, waterproof coating, waterproof wallpaper, anti-corrosion wood and other materials to isolate water vapor and protect the indoor from moisture.


(3) Heighten the Ground Damp Proof Layer

If the floor height is high enough, the original ground can be removed and the damp proof layer can be built again. The higher the moisture-proof layer is from the soil layer, the better the moisture-proof effect will be.


(4) Careful Selection of Floor Tiles

It is better not to adopt wood floor, because it is easy to get damp and accelerate damage. Choose the ceramic tile with low water absorption and thick glaze to increase the moisture-proof effect.


(5) Installation of Fresh Air System

The fresh air system can ensure the indoor air circulation and achieve the effect of air purification at the same time of dehumidification, which is convenient and fast.


(6) Use Diatom Mud

The adsorption function of diatom mud can absorb the water in the air and release it after saturation, which has the effect of regulating indoor humidity. However, if it is very humid basement, it is not recommended because the effect is not necessarily ideal.

(7) Equipped with household dehumidifier

It can be equipped with a home dehumidifier or wall mounted dehumidifier in advance.


In a word, if people want to prevent moisture, they must do well in waterproofing. Lay a good foundation in the stage of hard installation, cut off the water seepage, and the rest is much simpler. In order to prevent mildew, the daily maintenance of the home must also be in place in a timely manner. Prepare home dehumidifier and so on, which can help carry on the daily maintenance.


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