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Choose A Dehumidifier or A Humidifier?

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The most intuitive feeling for most people is that no matter whether they live in the south or the north, in winter they will encounter some skin problems that will not occur in summer, and a large part of it is because of the dry air in winter. In fact, not only in winter, but also in air-conditioned rooms in summer, the air is very dry. In addition to causing skin problems, dry air can also cause respiratory diseases. But for those who have never used a humidifier when they travel south and north, they begin to wonder, how much does the humidifier have, and is it just needed?


How Many Humidity Ranges Are We Suitable for?

According to expert research results, the air is too humid or too dry will have an impact on human health. If the humidity is lower than 40%, it will make bacterial viruses more likely to occur, increasing the incidence of allergic rhinitis, asthma and other respiratory diseases. When the indoor humidity is less than 30%, the air is too dry, and the body's moisture evaporates too quickly, which can cause dryness of the respiratory tract mucosa, sore throat, and thirst. It is very unfavorable for patients with tracheotomy or respiratory tract infection.


Excessive humidity is not good either. If the humidity is higher than 60%, it will promote the growth of mold and mites. and also form a latent hazard to the human body. Humid weather can also have multiple effects on a person's mood and body, leading to listlessness, irritability, and undesirable reactions such as shortness of breath, chest tightness, and aggravating arthritis and rheumatism. At the same time, the reproduction rate of microorganisms such as bacteria, molds, viruses, and mites will increase exponentially in a humid environment, increasing the hidden dangers of diseases.


Therefore, the most suitable humidity range for people is between 40% and 60%. Therefore, humidifiers and dehumidifiers are selectively used for the air humidity level in different regional environments.


Do You Need a Dehumidifier or a Humidifier?

If you live in a densely populated coastal area or tropical area, the need of a home dehumidifier is obviously larger. The average annual relative humidity in these humid areas is between 70% and 80%, and it is as high as 95% to 100% in winter and spring, but the temperature is often very low. So, the market for home dehumidifiers is huge.


In northern cities, if the air is dry, indoor air humidification is required, which can be done by sprinkling water or placing basins, but the most convenient is to use a humidifier.

Dehumidifier Vs Humidifier Preair Pr80 Dehumidifier 

How to Buy A Proper Humidifier or Dehumidifier?

1. Humidifier

The choice of humidifier depends on the area of use. The greater the efficiency of the humidifier, the larger the humidification area. The humidifier is usually very quiet, but if it is placed in the bedroom, you need to refer to the official standard to choose a quitter one. In addition, in terms of sterilization, the damp water vapor of the humidifier is relatively easy to breed bacteria, so it needs to have a certain sterilization function.


2. Dehumidifier

When purchasing, you need to choose a commercial portable dehumidifier with a suitable dehumidification capacity according to different house areas and environmental humidity, and find a matching point between the dehumidification capacity and the living environment. In addition, the dehumidifier generally has sound, even if it meets the national standard, it may also affect sleep. If the power is low, the effect of dehumidification will be weak. The large water tank is also necessary for the home dehumidifier. Because most home dehumidifiers have the function of automatically stopping when the upper limit of the water tank is reached. The volume of the water tank in an unmanned environment is also an important factor that determines the use time. And if the home dehumidifier is used in a closed room, it can fully support for a longer time. If you want to get lower household dehumidifier prices, please contact Preair for more information.


When the relative humidity is 50% to 60%, the human body feels the most comfortable, and it is not easy to cause disease. If the air humidity is too high or too low, it is harmful to human health. Use humidifiers or dehumidifiers according to different environments and different seasons to give yourself a healthier living environment.


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