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Failures and Maintenance of Dehumidifiers (Ⅰ)

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After using the air dehumidifier, there will be various failures. The following content introduces the possible solutions to the failures.


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Failure 1: The commercial dehumidifier operates normally, but the room temperature is slightly increased.


Cause of failure: When the dehumidifier works, the room temperature will rise slightly, which is caused by the heat dissipation of the motor.


Maintenance method: This is a normal phenomenon.



Failure 2: Dehumidifier cannot be started.


Cause of failure: The home dehumidifier did not start after pressing the ON key. The following conditions were found: (1) Power failure or low voltage of external power grid; (2) Power air switch tripped; (3) Leakage protection action; (4) The plug is not inserted properly, the socket is faulty or the incoming power line is open circuit; (5) The power fuse is blown.


Maintenance methods: (1) Wait for power recovery, or adjust voltage with voltage regulator; (2) Turn on the air switch, if it is turned on and tripped immediately, please contact the electrician first to check whether there is a fault in the circuit; (3) Turn on the leakage switch, if it is turned on and tripped immediately, please contact the electrician first to check whether there is a fault in the circuit; (4) Plug in properly, check whether the wiring of socket is loose or wrong; (5) Replace the fuse.

Failure 3: After a batch of new industrial dehumidifiers are started up, it is found that many dehumidifiers fail to start normally, shut down automatically, even burn fuse, and dehumidification capacity is poor.


Cause of failure: As it is a new dehumidifier, the dehumidifier itself should be free from failure, so it should be caused by circuit failure that the dehumidifier can not be used normally. Through inspection, it is found that the output voltage of junction box swings between 156V and 220V, which is proved to be the fault caused by unstable external circuit voltage. By checking the input voltage of the dehumidifier at different positions, it is found that the voltage at the end of the line is about 20V lower than that at the head of the line, which indicates that the wire diameter of the power line is not enough, resulting in too large wire voltage drop.


Maintenance method: Increase the capacity of power supply transformer according to the total load. The insufficient capacity of the transformer has reduced the power supply voltage to the warehouse, which fluctuates greatly. Moreover, due to the insufficient power line diameter and large line voltage drop, the input voltage of some dehumidifiers is too low to start. Therefore, to select a larger diameter power cord, and need to remove several large power consumer, so that the dehumidifier return to normal.


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Failure 4: After the dehumidifier is started, it will make a big noise soon.


Cause of failure: The dehumidifier has been used for many years and has never been overhauled. Through inspection, it is found that the floor where the dehumidifier is placed is uneven, which makes the dehumidifier work unevenly. Through inspection, it is also found that the shockproof rubber pad of the compressor is aged and cracked, the fastening screw is loose, and the motor bearing of the fan is lack of lubricating oil.


Maintenance method: Place the dehumidifier on the flat floor, replace the shockproof rubber pad, tighten the fixing bolts and inject some new lubricating oil into the fan motor bearing.


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