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Can Drying Laundry Indoors Really Be Bad For Your Health? Can A Dehumidifier Help?

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When it is raining outdoors, some people will dry the clothes indoors in order not to stain the washed clothes. Some people often dry clothes indoors because it is more convenient to dry them indoors. But this behavior is actually harmful to our health.


The Disadvantages of Drying Clothes Indoors

Drying clothes indoors will increase the humidity of the indoor air, and excessive humidity will affect our health.


Studies have shown that when the humidity is too high, the amount of pineal hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the human body is also large, so that the concentration of thyroid hormone and epinephrine in the body is relatively reduced, and the person will be listless and depressed. Working and living in a place with high humidity for a long time is also prone to wet paralysis. In summer, when the humidity increases and the water vapor tends to be saturated, it will inhibit the body's heat dissipation function, making people feel very hot and irritable. In winter, when the humidity increases, the heat conduction will be accelerated about 20 times, making people feel more depressed and colder.


Home Air Dehumidifier

If the humidity is too low, the evaporation will accelerate, and the dry air will easily take away the human body's water, causing the skin to dry and the nasal mucosa to be stimulated. Therefore, when dry and cold air invades in autumn and winter, it is easy to induce respiratory diseases.


In addition, if the air humidity is too large or too small, it is conducive to the propagation and propagation of some bacteria and viruses. It is scientifically determined that when the air humidity is higher than 65% or lower than 38%, the germs multiply and breed fastest, and when the relative humidity is 45% -55%, the pathogens die faster.



Benefits of Home dehumidifier

The home dehumidifier with pump can effectively reduce the growth of mold and other bacteria. The dehumidifier can solve the problem of moldy and smelly clothes caused by high humidity in the rainy season, and can make the indoor furniture clean and durable. The dehumidifier can also effectively alleviate some diseases affected by humid weather, such as rheumatism. Reducing indoor humidity can help alleviate the suffering of patients with rheumatism, arthritis, neuralgia and so on. The best home dehumidifier for basement can also dry clothes quickly and efficiently. In general, the quiet home dehumidifier can better maintain a dry and constant indoor working environment.


The Preair home dehumidifier is mainly suitable for those rooms that need to maintain a certain humidity, and users can choose according to their needs. The best location for home dehumidifier can measure and maintain the indoor humidity to the desired range. While effectively improving the humid environment, it eliminates mold, purifies the air, and reduces damage to some important equipment.



Home Dehumidifier

Try to not to dry clothes indoors because it will increase the humidity indoor and thus making us easier to get sick. We recommend to use a home air dehumidifier to keep the indoor humidity within a reasonable range, which is good for our health and improves our quality of life.


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