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Dehumidifier Market Status Analysis

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In fact, the dehumidifier has been in the Chinese market for decades, but it has not developed greatly because of consumer awareness and consumption levels. In addition, there are problems with product technology and publicity. The dehumidifier market is yet to be developed.


The situation in the field of industrial dehumidifiers is very different. Industrial dehumidifiers are dominated by the domestic market, with sales number accounting for 60% of the total domestic sales volume, and sales amount exceeding 90%. The market for commercial dehumidifiers has not really developed. The sales situation is similar to that of home dehumidifiers, and they are in a relatively passive situation. Many places need dehumidifiers, but they do not know much about the products and have not included them in the scope of purchase. There are also very few bidding projects related to the purchase of dehumidifiers. Merchants have to explore customers actively and make "curve" promotion. In many cases, dehumidifiers are only distributed to users as ancillary products.


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Consumer groups of industrial dehumidifiers don’t have complicated demand, as long as it can meet the function of dehumidification, but they care much about the price. While some scientific research institutes with strong finical strength have higher requirements on the performance of the machine, and the price is a secondary consideration. Among domestic manufacturing companies, many large enterprises have given up the domestic market due to various factors, such as market maturity and consumer price acceptance.

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In the dehumidifier industry, there are no brands and enterprises that have really formed a scale. In 2010, there are only a handful of companies with sales revenue exceeding 100 million yuan. Most companies have sales revenue below 20 million yuan, and the brand pattern is only a prototype. There are two main reasons for this situation: 

1. It is the smaller market demand that affects the development of the industry. The market capacity of the dehumidifier industry is less than 2 billion yuan, and the domestic market is very small. Without the market demand, companies do not pay enough attention to this product. The dehumidifier can only become an attached product, and the professional dehumidifier enterprises do not have enough strength to promote vigorously.

2. There are many types of dehumidifier products, and the application fields are also complicated, resulting in cluttered sales channels. At the same time, the demand for each product is relatively small, which also causes greater difficulties for enterprises in promotion and sales.


Judging from the development trend of the dehumidifier, this situation will remain for a long time. Although the demand in the domestic market has grown rapidly in the past two years, the absolute amount of market demand is still limited. It is difficult to allow many powerful brands to intervene, and naturally leading brands cannot be formed. But after all, as a segmented market, the market and profit space of the dehumidifier industry still exist, so it will still attract new brands to enter.


There are two main types of dehumidifier enterprises. One is home and commercial dehumidifiers. These enterprises have obvious advantages in technology as well as domestic and international sales channels. The other is that industrial enterprises, industrial constant temperature and humidity air conditioner units. The products have high technical content, and the sales channels are also dominated by engineering projects, which is the biggest resource of traditional commercial air-conditioning companies.


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