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Does Dehumidifier Shut off When Humidity Level Is Reached?

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How a dehumidifier works when reaches the target humidity level?

Many modern dehumidifiers are equipped with built-in humidistats or humidity sensors that allow them to automatically shut off when the desired humidity level is reached. Preair provides smart dehumidifiers for customers from the whole world. Here's how a smart dehumidifier works:

1.Set Desired Humidity Level:

You can usually set your desired humidity level on the dehumidifier's control panel. Common settings range from around 30% to 60% relative humidity, depending on your comfort preferences and the humidity level in your home.

2.Humidity Sensor:

The dehumidifier continuously monitors the humidity level in the air using a humidity sensor or humidistat. This sensor detects the amount of moisture in the air and sends signals to the dehumidifier's control system.

3.Automatic Shut-off:

Once the humidity level reaches the set target, the dehumidifier's control system triggers an automatic shut-off mechanism. This prevents the dehumidifier from running unnecessarily and saves energy.

4.Resuming Operation:

If the humidity level rises again (due to changes in weather, activities such as cooking or showering, etc.), the dehumidifier will turn back on to maintain the set humidity level.

It's important to note that not all commercial dehumidifiers have this feature, especially older models or basic units. If automatic shut-off based on humidity levels is important to you, make sure to check the product specifications or features list when purchasing a dehumidifier. Additionally, regular maintenance of the dehumidifier, such as cleaning or replacing filters and emptying the water reservoir, helps ensure optimal performance and efficiency.

Lgr105 Dehumidifier with Automatic Shut off and Resume Function

Automatic Shut-off and Resuming Operation of Preair Dehumidifier

LGR dehumidifiers developed by Preair are specially designed for the water damage restoration. They can automatically shut off and turn on according to the current humidity level.

Automatic Start (On): 

When the humidity in the room rises above the set level, the humidity sensor detects this increase. The dehumidifier's control system then automatically turns on the unit to start removing excess moisture from the air.

Automatic Stop (Off): 

Once the humidity level reaches the desired set point, the humidity sensor signals the control system to turn off the dehumidifier. This prevents the unit from running unnecessarily and conserves energy.

Cycle Continues: 

If the humidity level rises again due to factors like changes in weather, moisture-producing activities (cooking, showering), or higher indoor humidity, the dehumidifier will automatically restart to maintain the set humidity level.

This automatic on/off function helps maintain a comfortable and healthy indoor environment by controlling humidity levels effectively. It also reduces energy consumption compared to continuous operation, as the dehumidifier operates only when needed based on the preset humidity settings.


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