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How To Remove Mold From Walls?

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In daily life, we often see mold on the wall. Mold on the wall will not only affect the appearance, but also cause great harm to human health. The mold spores on the wall are easy to breed and spread in a suitable environment. If there are signs of mold on the wall, what measures should we take to remove the mold from the wall? This article will provide a simple family guide on how to remove mold from the wall. If your mold problem persists, it is best to ask a professional and experienced mold removal expert to ensure your health and house safety.


To remove mold on the wall, you must first know the cause of the mold on the wall, so that you can take the right way.


Causes of mold growth on the walls

1. Leakage in the water supply and drainage pipes or heating pipes will cause the wall to get damp. Over time, the wall will become moldy.


2. The external rainwater seeps into the room, causing the wall to be damp. The baffle under the balcony window (mostly made of prefabricated floor slabs, so it is prone to cracks at the junction with the wall) cracks at the junction with the wall, or poor sealing performance of the window may cause external rain to penetrate into the room.


3. The wall insulation is not done well, resulting in a large temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, so that the water in the indoor air will condense on the wall when it is cold, causing the wall to be wet.

In a damp and poor-ventilated environment, a lot mold will grow that will do harm to prople's respiratory system. It is suggested to use a professional dehumidifier to control humidity level and remove mold. Preair is a famous dehumidifier manufacturer that can provide you with types of commercial dehumidifiers. If you need amount of dehumidifiers, please contact Preair for cooperation.


Tips for removing mold on the wall

1. When mildew spots have appeared on the wall, you can use an old toothbrush to wipe off the mildew stains, and then use a soft cloth dipped in alcohol to gently wipe the walls to dry the wall and prevent the growth of mold.


2. You can use bleaching powder and water, mix them in a certain proportion and pour into the spray bottle, spray on the moldy wallpaper, which can immediately solve the problem of mold on the wall. Wipe the wall with a rag and wash it with water. After the wall is dry, apply anti-mold paint to prevent moisture for a long time. Bleach is an irritating chemical substance, but it is the best available product to kill mold, so some safety measures must be taken when using bleach to bleach walls. First of all, to avoid burns, make sure you have gloves on. In addition, wearing a scarf or face mask on the face can also prevent smoke from burning the nasal cavity. It is also necessary to use goggles or glasses on the ceiling or similar structure. Do not use any other cleaning products on the wall within 24 hours before and after using the bleach mixture, as this may cause fatal steam.


4. In the case of mildew, the wall can be washed with 80% alcohol. Pay attention to ventilation when cleaning, wear protective gloves, masks and glasses. In order to avoid mold again, you should pay attention to dry the wall completely, eliminate the cause of mold and correct heating and ventilation. During wet weather, try not to open windows. In addition, try to make the wall dry. In wet weather, you can use the air dehumidifier, air conditioner, and fan to absorb the moisture on the wall. Once water vapor appears on the wall or home, it should be wiped off with a dry rag immediately. Among these products, I mainly recommend air dehumidifiers. In recent years, households have used air dehumidifiers more and more frequently. When the user adjusts the set humidity of the dehumidifier after water leak, the humidity should be set according to the actual situation of the person's feeling of moisture, the number of people in the space, the size of the space, and so on. It can effectively prevent the growth of mold on the wall.


For more details on the air dehumidifier, click the link below.


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