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Difference Between Dehumidifier and Air Conditioner

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When spring comes, the rainy season in the south begins. The humid weather makes the indoors wet. If you want to improve the indoor humidity, you still have to think of some ways. In addition to the dehumidifiers on the market for dedicated electrical appliances, you may find that air conditioners also have dehumidification functions. What is the difference between these two types of dehumidification? Which kind of effect is good?

In order to expand market share, air conditioners not only allow air conditioners to have cooling and heating modes, but also add a dehumidification mode to increase selling points. So which one to choose, the dehumidifier for professional dehumidification, or a multi-functional air conditioner? Which is more cost-effective?

Dehumidifier and Air Conditioner for Whole Home

The dehumidification principle of dehumidifier and AC is different

The working principle of the dehumidifier: Through the work of the fan, the humid air is sucked from the air inlet, and then the moisture in the air is condensed through the evaporator, and finally becomes dry air, which is discharged from the air outlet by the condenser. 

The principle of air conditioning dehumidification: the evaporator is used to heat the cooled air to the original temperature, and then sent to the room.


The dehumidification effect of dehumidifier and AC varies greatly

Because the dehumidifier is an integrated machine, the two heat exchanges are completed indoors, so the temperature in the room will not decrease during the operation of whole house dehumidifier. The air conditioner will make the indoor temperature cooler because the second heat exchange is performed on the external machine. The lower the temperature, the worse the dehumidification effect, so the dehumidification effect of the air conditioner is much worse than that of the dehumidifier, or even can’t realize the dehumidification function, the machine is just idling, wasting electricity.

Wh Dehumidifiers for Whole House 

The installation method determines the dehumidification effect

The installation of the air conditioner is fixed and can only dehumidify the room where the air conditioner is located. The dehumidifier can be moved at will and equipped with a pulley, which is very convenient to move. This also shows that the entire room can be dehumidified or partially dehumidified, which is more flexible and energy-saving in use.

Both the air conditioner and the home dehumidifier have their main functions. The air conditioner is mainly used to control the temperature, while the dehumidifier is a used for dehumidification. Consumers need to be clear about their needs, and choose the air conditioner to control the temperature, choose the dehumidifier to deal with the indoor humidity. Although the two have the same principle, they are very different in the purpose of use.


How to choose a proper dehumidifier?

There are three main points to consider when choosing:

1. The brand should have a certain reputation, so the quality is relatively reliable.

2. It is necessary to guarantee after-sales. The indoor dehumidifier is a durable product. Once purchased, it can generally be used for more than five or six years, so after-sales are very important. In case of failure, it is better to find someone to repair it, preferably to the original manufacturer.

3. The price should be moderate. You should pay for every penny, not looking at products that are too expensive.


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