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Why Your Whole-House Dehumidifier Can’t Keep Up?

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There are many types of dehumidifiers, including commercial dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifiers, dehumidifier rotor dehumidifiers, home dehumidifiers, rotomolding dehumidifiers, etc. The function of dehumidifier is mainly used to reduce the humidity in the space. In general, the use of dehumidifiers is mainly for health reasons. Moist air promotes the growth of mold and cause many health problems. The relative humidity in the air is preferably between 60% and 70%. Too high Humidity in the air makes people feel uncomfortable. The dehumidifier has played a huge role in people's lives. However, what should we do when the dehumidifier malfunctions?



Failure analysis and repair method of dehumidifier

1. The industrial dehumidifier shuts down quickly after it is turned on, and it can be restarted after a long time. What's more, the dehumidification effect is not good. 

How to check the fault?

The wind speed of the air outlet is lower than the normal value. (2) You can use a multimeter to measure the resistance value between the lead wires of the fan motor and find that it is much lower than the normal value.


How to repair?

According to the detection situation, it is judged that the short circuit between the turns of the fan motor winding coil causes the fan speed and the air volume to decrease, which causes this failure. You can replace the fan motor with a new one.


2.The commercial dehumidifier operates normally, and the relative humidity of the environment is 85% to 90%. But the dehumidification amount of the commercial dehumidifier is very small.

How to check the fault?

When you open the air inlet plate of the commercial dehumidifier, let the commercial dehumidifier work and check the evaporator. You will find that only a few U-shaped tubes have condensed water, and the surface of other U-shaped tubes is dry. Further inspection reveals that there is a trace of oil on a pipeline interface. The household dehumidifier is judged to be leaking.


How to repair?

You can release the refrigerant, weld the leak of the interface, re-evacuate and inject the refrigerant, which will eliminate the fault.



3. The home dehumidifier was repaired once after more than a year of use. At that time, the test machine was normal. It was reused after a period of deactivation. The compressor and fan were found to be normal, but the dehumidification effect was very poor. In the environment with a temperature of 12 degrees Celsius, there is very little water condenses.

How to check the fault?

(1) The surface of the air filter and the condenser of the evaporator are very clean. (2) There is no leakage of oil on the surface of the pipe. (3) The frost appears on the capillary near the evaporator. The compressor can run again. (4) Wrap the interface between the capillary and the evaporator with a hot towel, and the dehumidification is normal. It is judged that the refrigeration system is ice blocked.


How to repair?

You can remove the refrigerant with more water content in the system, and purge the system with nitrogen gas at a pressure of 0.3MPa. You can also use a vacuum pump to evacuate for about 20 minutes, and then add the same amount of refrigerant as required by the original machine. After cooling for 30 minutes, shut down and vacuum for 30 minutes. While checking that the vacuum has reached the required level, charge the refrigerant in the correct amount. You will find troubleshooting when starting up.




In the daily use of the dehumidifiers home depot, it is normal for the dehumidifier to have some problems. Hope the above fault analysis and solutions can help you better deal with the dehumidifier problems.



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