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What Size Dehumidifier is Suitable for Your Room?

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Nowadays, with the continuous improvement of industrial production technology and people’s quality of life, the requirement for environmental humidity control is becoming more and more strictly. It is well known that the problem of humidity is detrimental to our daily life, work, industrial production, logistics and storage etc. And the harm and influence is very large. How to solve it? The dehumidifier is developed accordingly and has become the helper of people’s life. The dehumidifier sale is popular as well especially Industrial Dehumidifiers. Since Home Dehumidifier has not been used for a long time in the Chinese domestic market and has not yet been fully recognized by the consumers, some users don’t know how to select for the house and what size they should purchase. Here we will talk about the size problem of it, and hope that the content of this article can give some helps for the consumers.


How to select the suitable size for the house?

Usually the selection of the dehumidifier is determined by the room of the house you want to dehumidify, which needs to consider the dehumidification capacity and model of the machine such as floor space, the area of the fresh air and the environmental range and so on. And the humidity requirement of dwelling area needs to calculate by the spatial environment. In brief, the Home Dehumidifiers are generally based on the room area of your home. For example, usually 10 – 50 square meters room may select 0.3kw-0.65kw machine. If the room is 50-120 square meters, you may use 0.7kw-1.3kw machine. You had better to select around 2kw machine once the room is over 120 square meters. The effect will not be good if you use small machine to match your big room. Conversely, if you select the big machine to match your small room, it will waste the power and cost. In order to select the suitable machine conveniently, here we will give a formula for reference. The formula for calculating the dehumidification capacity is that every square meter can be dehumidified by 0.80 liters per day. For example, the indoor dwelling area is 6 square meters, that is: 6 X 0.8 = 4.8 That is to say, you can purchase 5 liters’ capacity. Basically, around one square meter will use one liter of dehumidifying power. Of course, you may consult the professionals before you buy.



Generally the dehumidifier has Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers and Desiccant Rotor Dehumidifiers. The Dehumidifiers home depot has a variety of Home Dehumidifiers which is suitable different rooms for consumer choice. If you want to buy, you may go there to choose the best dehumidifier for your home. After you own it, you will find it can help you to keep a healthy state and give you a happy mood. You never worry about the rainy days and humid air.


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