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The Effect of the Runner Dehumidifier in the Archives Room on Temperature and Humidity Control

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In the storage and protection of archives, the temperature and humidity of the warehouse is an important factor that affects the rate of aging and deterioration of archive materials. Unsuitable temperature and humidity not only directly affect the shredding of the archive paper and the deterioration of the writing, the distortion of the audio-visual archives, but also accelerate the destruction of the materials of the archives by all adverse factors. Therefore, it is an important measure to protect the archives and prolong the life of the archives to control the temperature and humidity of the archives well and make them reach the prescribed standards. This is also a regular basic work that we must insist on in archive management.

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To keep the temperature and humidity of the warehouse within the standard temperature and humidity range stipulated by the state, the methods of adjustment and control are generally adopted, and they are used in combination. The so-called adjustment means that when the temperature and humidity in the warehouse are not suitable for the protection requirements of the archives, effective measures must be taken to improve the temperature and humidity in the warehouse so that it meets the requirements of file protection. The so-called control refers to the process of taking measures to prevent or reduce the influence of unsuitable temperature and humidity outside the warehouse.


Generally speaking, when the temperature of the warehouse is higher than 30 ° C. is called high temperature, which will cause the paper to lose safe moisture and become brittle; high temperature is conducive to the growth and reproduction of harmful organisms in the archives; high temperature will accelerate the destruction of various materials made by archives by various harmful impurities. However, if the temperature of the warehouse is lower than 0 ° C, the moisture in the paper will freeze, causing its internal structure to be destroyed, which will affect the durability of the materials made of the archives.

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The humidity above 70% is usually called high humidity. High humidity will accelerate the hydrolysis of cellulose in archive paper, which will cause the fading of water-based writing to fade; high humidity is conducive to the growth and reproduction of archive pests, and files such as sound images are easy to mold; photos and other files are easily discolored. However, if the humidity in the archive warehouse is below 35%, the paper fibers will become hard and brittle, and the strength will decrease.


Therefore, either the temperature and humidity of the environment is too high or too low and its fluctuations will have an adverse effect on the life of the archives, especially high temperature and humidity and their synergistic effects are more harmful to the archives. Therefore, the handwritten part of the archived paper file must be written with a black fountain pen, and the printed part must be printed with regular ink. Shanghai is located in a high-temperature and high-humidity area. School archivists must regularly measure and record the temperature and humidity of the warehouse. According to the instructions of the temperature and humidity meter, turn on or turn off the air conditioner and household dehumidifier,, try to control the temperature and humidity in the warehouse within the specified range as much as possible. It is of great significance to extend the service life of archives.

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