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How to do Dehumidifier Calculation?

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The rainy days in the South China are probably the most unbearable weather in the world. Water droplets form on the walls and floors, the bedding and clothes can’t get dry after washing and the whole home seems to be in the water. Humid weather not only exacerbates the corrosion and deterioration of household items, but also grows bacteria and mold, causing disease and rheumatism, which greatly affects physical and mental health. But now in the 21st century, dampness problem is finally solved: the dehumidifier is here!


Dehumidifier is a machine that extracts much moisture in the air, just like the range hood is specially used to extract the cooking fumes produced by cooking. But, people have "selection difficulties" have another question: how to choose a dehumidifier? Let's take a look at the conclusion: it is most relevant to the indoor area.

Commercial Dehumidifiers 

If you only need to dehumidify in a relatively closed room (such as a bedroom), you only need to consider the indoor area of the bedroom to match. For example, when the indoor area is less than 50 square meters, a dehumidifier with a dehumidification capacity of 10L / D can meet the needs of use. When the indoor area is between 50-150 square meters, the dehumidifier with a dehumidification capacity of 20L / D can meet the needs of use.



Dehumidifier specifications

There are two ways to calculate the daily dehumidification capacity of the dehumidifier. The first calculate condition of daily dehumidification capacity is at room temperature 30 degrees Celsius and 80% relative humidity, and the second is at room temperature 27 degrees Celsius and 60% relative humidity. Since the climate in China is predominantly the former, the calculation method is also based on this. Generally speaking, the maximum dehumidification capacity of the former is twice that of the latter.


Commercial Dehumidifiers


Type A and B

As for the difference between A type and B type dehumidifier, the compressor of A type dehumidifier is suitable for 15 degrees to 35 degrees Celsius, the compressor of B type dehumidifier is suitable for 5 degrees to 35 degrees Celsius. Due to the compression of A type dehumidifier is not stable, after the machine is below 15 degrees Celsius, the compressor's operating power will drop or shut down, so most of the commercially available dehumidifiers are B-type, but A-type dehumidifiers still have a market because of the large daily dehumidification capacity.



Water tank capacity

Generally, the domestic and Japanese brand dehumidifier water tanks are between 2-3.5 liters, which means that if the humidity is very high and the amount of dehumidification is large, if you can't pour water frequently, the effect of dehumidification will be damaged. So if it is really very wet areas, the capacity of the water tank can also be put on the top consideration. At present, our company's largest one is DH-858D dehumidifier with a 6.7-liter.


The power consumption of a general dehumidifier is about 200-300W, and the current is about 1.5 to 2 amps, but a few models have 400W-500W. You can see the marked power consumption when purchasing.


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