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How to Maintain Dehumidifiers?

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The dehumidifier is composed of a compressor, a heat exchanger, a fan, a water container, a casing, and a controller. Its working principle is that the fan draws humid air into the machine, and heat exchange happens. In recent years, the level of living continues to increase, people's consumption concepts are updated, and people's awareness of health is improved. Dehumidifiers are gradually expanding from previous commercial dehumidifiers to home dehumidifiers, becoming one of the indispensable modern household appliances in many households. It is self-evident that the dehumidifier industry is closely related to human health and the improvement of quality of life.


There are many types of dehumidifiers, including commercial dehumidifiers, industrial dehumidifiersrotor dehumidifiershome dehumidifiers, rotomolding dehumidifiers, etc.

Below we analyze the causes of several common failures.



Does Not Dehumidify

1. Ventilation system failure: ① Intake grille and outflow grille: A. artificial damage or aging cracking; B. inlet or outflow is severely blocked; ② Air filter: blocked or damaged by dust; ③ Evaporator: A. evaporator condenser fin dust accumulation; B. ice on the surface of the evaporator; ④Fan motor: A. the capacitor is damaged; B. the fan motor holds the shaft; C. the rotor and shaft are loose; D. shaft bending deformation; E. bearing damage; F. the winding is burnt.


2. Electrical system failure: ① The compressor and fan are not rotating: A. the power supply is cut off; B. the switch is not closed; C. the socket is disconnected; D. the voltage is too low; E. the circuit breaker opens; F. the fuse is blown. ② The compressor does not rotate, the fan rotates: A. starter failure; B. capacitor failure; C. overload protection. ③The compressor and fan are running: the refrigeration system is faulty.


3. Refrigeration system failure: ① Full refrigerant leakage; ② Refrigeration system blockage: A. dirty plug; B. oil plug; C. welding plug; ③Excess refrigerant; ④No displacement of compressor (fault).


4. Compressor failure: ① Poor compression, blow-by gas in the high and low pressure chamber; ② Damaged running parts, the compressor holds the shaft.



Running Water

1. The dehumidifier is placed unbalanced, and the sink is tilted excessively, causing water to overflow. 2. The drain hole or drain pipe of the sink is blocked. 3. The water tank is damaged and leaking. 4. Water leakage at the connection of the outlet pipe or aging and rupture of the outlet pipe.



Dehumidification Becomes Worse

1. Dust accumulation on the air filter is serious and airflow is blocked.  2. The air outlet sucks obstacles and the airflow is blocked.  3. The fan speed becomes slow.  4. The room is poorly sealed, and a lot of outdoor humid air penetrates.  5. The room size is too large.  6. There is too much moisture in the room.  7. There is a lot of dust on the evaporator fins, which reduces the effect of freezing and dehumidification.  8. Frost on the surface of the evaporator.  9. There is more oil accumulation in the evaporator, the cooling and dehumidification effect is reduced.  10. Insufficient refrigerant charge. 11. Refrigerant leakage.  12. The capillary specifications are incorrect, the pipe diameter is large, and the throttling and pressure reduction are not enough. 13. Ice blockage in the refrigeration system.  14. Partly plugging the refrigeration system.  15. There is air in the refrigeration system.  16. The compressor has poor compression and the displacement is reduced.



The Compressor Does Not Start

1. Power failure, the voltage is too low.  2. The circuit fuse is blown or the switch is damaged.  3. The starting capacitor is damaged.  4. Overheat protection has not been reset or failed.  5. Various relays are not reset or malfunction.  6. The motor winding is broken or burned.



To Sum Up

The above is the analysis of common failures of industrial dehumidifiers (or home dehumidifiers), and maintenance personnel can perform maintenance on the dehumidifiers according to the results of the above analysis.



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