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How To Use A Dehumidifier

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What is the Dehumidifier?

The working principle of the dehumidifier is: the fan draws the humid air into the machine and passes through the heat exchanger. At this time, the moisture in the air is condensed into water droplets, and the treated dry air is discharged out of the machine. This cycle reduces the indoor humidity. According to the principle of dehumidifiers, dehumidifiers can be divided into adsorption dehumidifiers and refrigeration dehumidifiers, of which household refrigeration dehumidifiers belong to a small member of refrigeration and air conditioning. Generally, the dehumidifier is composed of a compressor, a heat exchanger, a fan, a water container, a casing and a controller.


Dehumidifier can be divided into commercial dehumidifier and industrial dehumidifier and industrial dehumidifier fall into two categories, industrial cool dehumidifier and industrial warm dehumidifier. Besides, you can choose different kind of dehumidifiers according to different occasions. If you want to breathe fresh air at office, there is industrial humidifier for office for you and if you work in the basement, there is industrial humidifier for basement for you. If you are in constant movement, you can choose a portable dehumidifier and better, a mini portable dehumidifier,


Installation and Use of Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier Installation

The dehumidifier should be placed on a solid and flat floor to avoid vibration and noise, and to avoid direct sunlight or close to heating appliances. In addition, the dehumidifier should be placed in a place where the air is circulated, avoiding being placed in a dead corner, causing a short circuit of the airflow and failing to achieve the required dehumidification effect.


Use of Dehumidifier

There are many precautions for the proper use of dehumidifiers. Under normal circumstances, when you buy a dehumidifier, carefully reading the instructions will help to minimize the problems of using the dehumidifier in the initial stage, and allow you to make full use of all its functions. The relative humidity should be set to 45-50%, and the humidity that suits you best can be determined within the first month. For the specific operation process, first connect the dehumidifier to the power supply, and then adjust the settings according to the instructions in the manual to make the device run for several cycles. 


First of all, before operating the dehumidifier, close the doors and windows to prevent humid outside air from entering the room and affecting the dehumidification effect. If there is no need in use, try to reduce the opening and closing times of doors and windows. Secondly, because the dehumidifier is often moved, refrigerant leakage is more likely to occur. If the compressor is running, but the temperature of the air and return air is the same, it should be stopped and sent for repair as soon as possible to avoid wasting energy. Moreover, send your dehumidifier for maintenance once a year.



The dehumidifier is developed for the humid and harsh ring mirror, which can not only effectively improve the humid living and production environment, make it reach the ideal state, but also remove the mold brought by the humid environment. The dehumidifier can remove moist moisture and suspended particles by running, making the air dry. It is also an air purifier. It is widely used in all aspects of production and life. It creates a comfortable, dry and quiet modern living space for users. In daily life, the dehumidifier is most commonly used for dust and dehumidification in offices and homes. Specifically, household dehumidifiers are suitable for storage in wardrobes, high-end clothing, leather goods, file cabinets, instrument cabinets, food cabinets, medicine cabinets, cameras; patients with diseases such as rheumatism and respiratory system, as well as the elderly, maternal and infants need the suitable humidity environment created by a dehumidifier is required.


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