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How Long Should I Run A Dehumidifier After A Water Leak?

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When your house is unfortunately experiencing water leakage, you first need to pump the water out of the house, then you need to wipe it and dry it. After completion, you still need to completely dry the flooded carpets, skirtings, walls and furniture, otherwise you will face severe floods and mold growth. Or there is a month in the south called the rainy season, which is almost raining during this month. The humidity in the house becomes high, and a commercial air dehumidifier is urgently needed for dehumidification. Some people may be confused how long a dehumidifier is normally opened in a humid environment. The following is some information for your reference.



How long should I run a dehumidifier after a water leak?

There is no final standard for how long a dehumidifier should run after a water leak, because each situation is different and depends on several key factors. The recommended usage time is 24-48 hours, but each case is relative. In fact, the most important thing is that the operation time of the home air dehumidifier depends on the humidity of your house. The time is high is long when the humidity, and the time is short when the humidity is low. Besides, it should be noted that the desicant rotor air dehumidifier cannot be turned on for 24 hours. Not only does the home dehumidifier cause compressor noise to affect sleep, but also the spontaneous combustion of dehumidifiers mostly occurs at night, which poses a threat to our safety.



What are the precautions for using the dehumidifier?

1. The wall mounted dehumidifier should be avoided to be used near the heat source, and the air inlet and outlet should be kept smooth. In general, the dehumidifier should be placed in the center of the space, and there should be enough space around it. It is better not to stack items next to the dehumidifier to keep the air smooth and achieve a uniform dehumidification effect.


2. The freezing and dehumidifying machine will frost or freeze when it is used under the environmental conditions of low temperature below 18 ℃. The home air dehumidifier with defrost function will automate the frost. However, the home dehumidifier without defrosting function can realize artificial defrosting by power off. Generally, when the temperature is low and the humidity is below 40%, the effect of dehumidification may not be obvious, and the speed is also slow. This is normal.


3. During the operation of the wall mounted dehumidifier, the hot air discharged from the air outlet is a phenomenon about normal operation of the machine. The humidity in winter is low and the temperature of the air outlet also drops significantly, which is a normal phenomenon.


4. The home air dehumidifier is divided into chemical dehumidification and freezing dehumidification. Dehumidifier dehumidification is to reduce the temperature inside the machine and discharge the water in the air. The temperature of the space rises slightly, but the temperature difference is not obvious. The dehumidifier is more suitable for the four seasons, and the power consumption is also saved.


Now do you have a deeper understanding of the home air dehumidifier? The best air dehumidifier brings convenience to our lives. 



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