Core Advantage
Your Humidity Control Expert
  • Technical Capability
    Specialized in the dehumidification industry for more than 20 years, PREAIR has accumulated 15 invention patents, 24 utility model patents and 5 software Copyrights. PREAIR has become the national research and development center of high and new technology. Leading in dehumidification industry technology.
  • R&D Team
    Our R&D team started to study dehumidification technology 30 years ago. Relying on the advanced Japanese technology introduced at that time, PREAIR had been focusing on the domain of deep dehumidification. In the past few decades, the R&D team has become stronger.

    At the same time, rely on the international market, cooperation with Fortune 500 companies in-depth, and collaborating with universities such as Zhejiang University and Central South University to overcome various technical problems in the domain of humidity control and provide professional solutions for humidity control in various industries.
  • Test Equipments
    PREAIR has the professional enthalpy-difference laboratory, comprehensive performance test room, product life test room, noise detection silent room, packaging and transportation laboratory, spray test laboratory, capillary flow test, air volume laboratory and water quality testing and other professional equipments.
We develope and manufacture humidity control products for over 32 countries 

Development Section

A mass-produced PREAIR dehumidifier, in the development stage, it will go through 8000 hours of uninterrupted experimental testing, up to 120,000 times continuous testing for each component, which both are used to ensure the service life of the dehumidifier.

Production Section

In the produce section, all of the dehumidifier machine must be tested for the safety, performances and reliability. 

Leave Factory Section

Before the dehumidifier products leave the factory, they have to go through 50 cycles of product sampling.
Carry out physical and chemical tests such as salt spray and aging life mechanical properties.
Only after the 100% sampling inspection is passed can the final installation of sub-boxes be carried out. 


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