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Influences on Piano of the Ambient Humidity and Temperature

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With the continuous improvement of people’s living standard, people begin to pay more attention to artistic culture gradually. Piano has walked into thousands of families as the important tool of artistic culture. In China, some children learn it from the childhood. So many parents buy the piano for their kids. How to maintain the piano properly to ensure it to be used normally, which is also the question to think about for many parents. At this time, Desiccant Rotor Dehumidifiers or Wall Mounted Dehumidifiers become one of the necessary household electrical appliances. And the Dehumidifiers sale is popular in recent years.

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What influences on piano do the humidity and temperature have?


Piano is a kind of relatively expensive music instrument and it has higher requirements for the ambient environment. Generally the relative humidity of the environment which piano is used should be between 40% - 70%, and 50% - 60% is the best. If the relative humidity is less than 40%, it is too dry for the piano. On the contrary, if the relative humidity is more than 70%, it is too humid for the piano. The two kinds of conditions are bad for the maintenance of piano. It will not only influence the use of piano, but also decrease the lifetime of it.


We know if it is too dry (relative humidity<40%), the piano is placed longer in this environment, the wooden parts of the piano will shrink and deform, even the fastening screws of each part will loosen gradually, the paint on it will be cracked as well, which will cause noise and bad quality of tune, even if the piano cannot be used. Conversely if it is too humid (relative humidity>70%), it will also damage the piano. The wooden parts will expand and deform, the metal parts will become rusty, which will cause the keys of piano to become weak and piano cannot to be played. So the environment has great influences for the use of piano. So the user had better put one Home Dehumidifiers at the side of piano to keep suitable humidity.


How to maintain the piano in bad environment?


We know China has a vast territory and the weather is different according to different geographic location. The relative humidity of the atmospheric environment is a big difference. In the use of pianos, it is said that the south area of the Yangtze River mainly solves the problem of humidity, and the north area mainly solves dryness. No matter in south or north area, the best dehumidifier can help on it to solve the problem


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