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How to choose a dehumidifier?

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With the warming of the weather, the demand for dehumidifiers has gradually increased, but how consumers choose a good product is also very important.



Eight tips for buying a dehumidifier

1. Visual inspection. Check whether the components of the dehumidifier are of fine workmanship, whether the surface of the plastic parts is flat and smooth, and the color is uniform. The surface of the electroplated parts should be smooth, and there should be no defects such as peeling, bottoming, and scratching.


2. The inspection of the air deflector. The air deflector should be able to move up and down or left and right, not too tight, not too loose, should be able to be positioned in any position, should not be automatically displaced.


3. The filter. It is a part that is often disassembled, and it should be checked whether it is convenient to disassemble and whether it is damaged or not.


4. The inspection of the function keys and knobs. The knobs on the dehumidifier panel should rotate flexibly, not be loose or slide. The function selection buttons of the computer-controlled dehumidifier are light and flexible, and must not have card keys and other phenomena.

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5. Power-on inspection. For integral dehumidifiers, try power-on inspection. If you buy a dehumidifier in winter or when the temperature is low, you can try the hot air function. If you turn on the power for a few minutes, the hot air should come out.


6. Noise and vibration inspection. When the dehumidifier is in the dehumidifying movement, there should be no abnormal impact sounds and other noises, and the vibration should not be too large.


7. Electrical performance inspection. Check whether the power cord and power plug comply with the specifications. The power cord should not be loosened or pulled out if it is pulled forcibly. If possible, the cold insulation resistance of the dehumidifier      can be measured.


8. Inspection of attachments and technical documents. The technical documents such as instruction manual, certificate of conformity, warranty card, packing list, etc. should be checked for completeness, and the attachments should be checked according to the packing list.

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Matters needing attention when purchasing a dehumidifier

1. Pay attention to type A or B dehumidifier

(Type A: The compressor is suitable for 15 degrees to 38 degrees Celsius)

(Type B: The compressor is suitable for 5 degrees to 38 degrees Celsius)


2. Choose the model of machine control or microcomputer. It can automatically adjust the indoor relative humidity to maintain between 60% and 65%.


3.  Is there a defrosting function. If the dehumidifier in wet and cold areas and does not have this function, it may not work.


4. Models with value-added functions, such as air cleaning and scheduled shutdown.


5. Spatiality. The size of the space affects the dehumidification performance. If the average number of small pings is 20 liters per day, a dehumidification model can be selected to effectively achieve the dehumidification effect in a short period of time.


By this article, I hope to bring some help when the majority of netizens choose a dehumidifier, and that everyone can choose their favorite products.